Timișoara: The CAD Knights Rise

Until about 40 years ago, technical drawings could only be done by pencil on paper and then  CAD was invented and changed everything. CAD software programs can now help you draft construction documentation, explore design ideas in the digital sphere and then simulate how the design performs in the real world.

Have you ever sketched out a design of a car or maybe a house?  If you’re a future engineer, designer, drafter or architect, you’ve most probably used CAD. Would you like to master some skills in this domain? If yes, then prepare to become a CAD geek. You will basically learn how to visualize mechanical engineering concepts through photorealistic renderings and how to translate them into real objects with the help of a 3D printer.

If something happens twice, it might be a coincidence, if it happens thrice – it’s a tradition! This is why we decided to organise a CAD course for the third time here in Timisoara. We Romanians have a saying: “If something goes well, why change it?” All jokes aside, we don’t want this year’s course to go “well”, we want it to go perfectly.

About our LBG

BEST was founded in March 1989 in Berlin in order to encourage communication, cooperation and the cultural exchange between students from technical universities in Europe. BEST Timisoara is the first LBG in Romania.  It was founded in 1991. From its early days, it has managed to promote the European spirit and encourage communication and work in a multicultural environment through events, academic courses, engineering competitions and educational symposia. All of these represent the core activity of BEST Timisoara, which is dedicated to the students of Politehnica University of Timisoara.


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Our team and how to get in touch

Ivan Andreia-Raluca

Main Organiser



Danci Denis

Participants Responsible



Bobic Ana-Maria Gabriela 

Academic Responsible

Baranya Iulian

Fundraising Responsible

Rotaru Eveline Ștefana

Marketing Responsible

Eșanu Maria

Public Relations Responsible

Puiu Elena

Social Responsible

Roncea Alex

Logistics Responsible

Martinov Ana

Food Responsible

Stan Adrian

IT Responsible

Maria João Vilela

Course Mentor

BEST Porto

See you all in July!

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